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Established in 2009 by Petro van Zyl, De Kleipot creates a wide variety of high quality, hand-crafted, hand-painted tiles.

Our tile collections feature diverse colour palettes, styles, shapes and sizes, with ranges to suit different décor moods and trends, from vintage to modern.

We offer tiles made specifically for floors, wall areas large and small, kitchens and bathrooms, outdoor areas and gardens, and other surfaces that need a redesign or pick-me-up. They are also ideal for mosaic and decorative projects.

De Kleipot studio is situated on the Aan de Doorns farm in the beautiful winemaking region of Worcester in the Western Cape, South Africa. Our business supports the local community – we proudly employ a talented team of local craftswomen who produce and paint our tiles with love and care.

Our tile designs have evolved over the years, resulting in a wonderful variety of tile ranges on offer. These include:
Art Nouveau • Black and White • Floor Tiles  • HeartsOutdoor • Raku • Wall Tiles in different shapes and glazes • Plain, single-coloured tiles for use in mosaic inserts or to build custom designs.
Our tiles are produced in 4 sizes that are compatible for use with standard commercial and mosaic tiles. This enables you to easily create your own tile designs and layouts in your living and working spaces. We often create custom tiles for clients. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this option.

Completed projects

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The Product Range

De Kleipot creates a wide range of unique, hand-made, hand-painted tiles. This selection of images serves only as an overview of our products and ranges. Custom orders and specialised work for individual clients can be arranged.

Frequently Asked Questions

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De Kleipot specialises in unique, hand-crafted, hand-painted ceramic tiles. We have ranges for walls, floors and outdoor – or use our tiles in your mosaic creations.

Our standard tile dimensions are 5x5cm, 7x7cm, 10x10cm and 15x15cm. Please note that custom orders and specialised work for individual clients can be arranged.

If you’re tiling on raw wood surfaces: glue the tiles on with super flex, mix your grout with bond it to allow the grout to set faster (taking care not to mix too much product at once), and grout as you would a commercial tile.

If you’re tiling on raw / unpainted walls or patio: glue the tiles on with tile cement, mix your grout with water, and grout as you would a commercial tile.

Yes! Glue with strong (green) double-sided tape, using at least 2 strips per tile and grout as per normal. If you move, simply remove the tiles carefully with a strong knife or screwdriver.

Yes, absolutely. This range lends itself to mixing and matching beautifully. I suggest you use white grout.

Yes, definitely. The smaller tiles are perfect for mosaics, especially when combined with bigger tiles that are broken and worked into the design/pattern.

Contact us directly on +27 23 342 1388 or (082 576 3653) to order products or obtain for more info about your closest stockist. Shopping Hours: By appointment only

We deliver nationwide in South Africa, either via postal service or courier depending on the size of the order; and we will provide you with a quote once we have determined your packaging and shipping costs. Overseas delivery is possible – please contact us to discuss your options.

Have any other questions or wish to get in touch with us directly?